WLF Prime Time is WLF's weekly television show.

These are the events for 2015

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WLF Prime Time

January 12 2015 - Amway Centre, Orlando, FLEdit

- The first Prime Time of 2015 kicked off with the WLF President, Ted DiBiase making announcements. He announced that the Diva’s tag team title was being scrapped. He also announced that ALL titles would be on the line that night. The most startling announcement was that had just purchased the NWA and that both the NWA and WLF titles would be unified at the next PPV, the Royal Rumble, in which all previous champions would compete in a special match to determine the new champ.

- Cactus Jack defeated Mr Fredricks in a street fight.

- The Rock defeated NWA TV Champion the Pharaoh in a best of 3 falls match (2-1) to become the new TV Champion.

- Nasty Girl came out to ringside and did a rant saying how she was not getting a fair deal in the WLF and that everyone was jealous of her. She was booed by the fans. AJ Lee then came out, poked fun and her and then announced she was there to manage a new diva. A woman in a mask came out behind Nasty Girl, but before AJ could reveal who she was, Ted DiBiase came out and told all three women to get out of the ring.

- Paige became the new diva’s champion when he defeated, Torrie Wilson via pinfall thanks to outside interference by Victoria. After the match Nasty Girl came out and attacked Paige.

- Edge successfully defended his Intercontinental championship in a triple threat match against CM Punk and Mr Kennedy when Kelly Kelly betrayed CM Punk.

- The Powers of Pain defeated the WLF tag team champions the Shield (Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) via count out, but because it was a count out the title did not change hands.

- Christopher Knight came out to ringside to announce his return to the WLF. He was no longer wearing a mask and instead sported an unusual beard. He also challenged Jake the Snake Roberts to a match, blaming him for the injuries and psychological trauma he had suffered the previous year.

- In an NWA world title match, Barry Windham defeated champion Roman Reigns via disqualification after the Undertaker came out of nowhere and tombstone Barry.

- MAIN EVENT – 5 pack challenge for WLF championship. The Macho Man Randy Savage won the event after pinning Cesaro to capture the vacant championship, thus becoming the first ever 3x WLF champion.

January 26 2015 - Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte NCEdit

- Prime Time kicked off with a Pipers Pit, with Roddy Piper interviewing Ted DiBiase (with Andre the Giant) talking about his returned to active wrestling. During the interview a newcomer came out, revealing himself to be Antonio Banks. He announced that he has just become the new majority shareholder of the WLF, which mean that he now had control of the WLF. He advised DiBiase to clear his things out of the Presidential office.

- Christopher Knight & CM Punk defeated the Mega Bucks when new WLF President Antonio Banks and his new man Kingpin came out and distracted DiBiase, thus allowing Knight to get the pinfall.

- The returning Samoa Joe defeated Cactus Jack after he caused Jack to pass out with the Rear Naked Choke

- Paige & mystery opponent Bloodrayne (returning after a break) defeated Nasty Girl & Torrie Wilson via disqualification after Nasty Girl clobbered Paige over the head with the woman’s title. Mickie James also announced her return by coming in near the end of the match distracting Paige by pointing at her. Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary.

- The Rock defeated Edge via count out.

- The Undertaker defeated Mr Wonderful and Mr Perfect in a handicap match via count out, after they abandoned the match. At the beginning of the match Ric Flair announced his return as the manager of the Four Horsemen. At the end of the match the Undertaker tombstoned him in the ring. Jesse Ventura and Jim Ross provided commentary.

- Jake the Snake Roberts became the new NWA champion and the Powers of Pain became the new WLF Tag team champions after they won a 6 man tag team match against the Shield, after Jake DDTd and pinned Roman Reigns.

- MAIN EVENT – WLF CHAMPIONSHIP: The Ultimate Warrior became the new WLF champion after pinning the Macho Man Randy Savage thanks to outside interference by three masked men. Ravishing Rick Rude and Cesaro also interfered at different points during the match.

February 9 2015 - Civic Center Coliseum, Charleston WV Edit

- Prime Time kicked off with new WLF Chairman Antonio Banks defeating the Million Dollar Man via pinfall.

- Torrie Wilson apparently became the number 1 contender for the diva’s championship after she won via forfeit when BloodRayne and Mickie James got into a backstage brawl. Sunny & Renee Young provided commentary.

- Christopher Knight became the new NWA TV champion after defeating the champ: The Rock via pinfall.

- The Powers of Pain defeated the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers and The Shield in a three way tag team championship match. A mystery tag team was also meant to be in the match. The tag team ended up being the Hart Foundation but they were attacked by newcomers Dominic Shadow and Jasper Hades before they could enter the ring. After the match the Rougeaus stole the WLF title.

- The diva’s championship match between champion Paige and challenger Nasty Girl ended prematurely when newcomer Elle Black Harte interfered.

- An impromptu match saw the Macho Man Randy Savage, Samoa Joe and Rowdy Roddy Piper taking on the men who attacked Randy Savage on the previous Prime Time. These people being A J Styles and the Young Bucks, also known as “The Bullet Club”. The Bullet Club won the match after Samoa Joe betrayed his tag team partners, revealing himself to be a member of the Bullet Club too.

- The Ultimate Warrior successfully defended his WLF title in a triple threat match against Cesaro and Ravishing Rick Rude after pinning both men (and manager Paul Heyman) at the same time. After the match Randy Savage, Roman Reigns, Jake Roberts and Ted DiBiase came out to stare down the Warrior.

Royal Rumble (4th Annual) - Feb 23 2015, at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA (go to WLF Pay-Per-Views) Edit

March 9 2015 - Gund Arena, Cleveland OH Edit

- Prime Time kicked off with the new unified WLF champion Jake the Snake Roberts coming out and addressing the crowds and announcing that the Powers of Pain had been dropped from the Ministry. One by one others came out to interrupt him; Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, Paul Heyman/Cesaro, Hulk Hogan, the Pharaoh, Roman Reigns, Jose DeJesus and then finally new WLF owner/president Johnathon Banks. He announced that the Pharoah would get his championship tonight instead of at Wrestlemania and declared a Fatal 4 way match for Mania but did not say who was to be in it. Immediately a brawl broke out between all the men in the ring.

- Dominic Shadow and his allies (including newcomer Michael Reaver) came down and attacked the Undertaker before their match. Although they demanded the referee make the count it was not an official match.

- In a mixed tag team match Torrie Wilson and the Fabulous Rougeaus defeated BloodRayne and the Shield after Ray pinned Seth Rollins (with an assist from Jacques). During the match Kelly Kelly attacked BloodRayne. Also Torrie abandoned the match near the end. AJ Lee joined the commentary booth for this match.

- CM Punk defeated Mick Foley via pinfall to qualify for the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania IV.

- Roman Reigns and Antonio Banks defeated Ted DiBiase via pinfall in a handicap match. Barry Windham was supposed to be DiBiase’s tag team partner, but didn’t show.

- Christopher Knight came out to address the crowds but was interrupted by the Rock who demanded a shot at the Intercontinental championship at Wrestlemania IV. Instead Knight offered him a shot at the title on next week’s Prime Time.

- Diva’s champion Paige successfully defended her tag team title in a triple threat match against Mickie James and Ella Black Harte, pinning Mickie after putting her feet on the ropes. Sunny and Renee Young provided commentary.

- Andre the Giant defeated Kingpin via count out. At the beginning of the match, several well known “big man” wrestlers came out and attacked Kingpin nearly causing him to be defeated early in the match.

- A 5x5 tag team elimination match never really got underway due to illegal brawling and interference by men not in the match. It was supposed to be Jose DeJesus, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Nick & Matt Jackson vs Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat & Hulk Hogan. In the end only the Macho Man and Hulk Hogan remained in the ring. - MAIN EVENT – WLF championship. Champion Jake the Snake Roberts defeated the Pharaoh via pinfall thanks to interference by Paul Heyman and Cesaro.

March 26 2015 - United Center, Chicago IL Edit

- Prime Time kicked off with the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase complaining about Barry Windham no-showing for his match the previous week and calling him a coward. Windham then came out to respond. He was then interrupted by Roman Reigns who speared both men. WLF owner and president Jonothan Banks then came out to talk about the weeks card and also Wrestlemania IV. He announced that Roman Reigns would be one of the men in the Fatal 4 way match for Jake Robert’s WLF championship.

- Kelly Kelly defeated Bloodrayne via disqualification after Bloodrayne would not let go of a choke hold. Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary.

- Skull’s Children defeated Mick Foley and the Bushwhackers after Michael Reaver pinned Foley.

- A strange message came up on a screen with static and a voice saying “I Return” followed by the sound of broken glass.

- Ricky the Dragon Steamboat won a Money in the Bank Qualifiers match after pinning Edge in a triple threat match which also included Dean Ambrose.

- The Intercontinental championship match between Chris Knight and the Rock ended in no result after Samoa Joe came and stole the championship belt.

- A J Styles won a Money in the Bank Qualifiers match after pinning Seth Rollins in a triple threat match which also included Ravishing Rick Rude.

- Jose DeJesus defeated the Macho Man Randy Savage via pinfall in a lumberjack match after lumberjacks interfered in the match. After the match WLF president Jonathon Banks came out and announced that as the winner of the match Jose would get to be in the Fatal 4 way match at Wrestlemania IV for the WLF championship.

- MAIN EVENT – FATAL 4 – The final 4 participants in the Royal Rumble battled it out: The Pharaoh, Andre the Giant, Cesaro and Hulk Hogan. (Paul Heyman joined the broadcasting booth for this match).

Order of elimination: 1) Hulk Hogan pinned by Andre the Giant. 2) Cesaro thrown over top rope by the Pharaoh. 3) Andre the Giant thrown over top rope by Pharoah with an unintended assist by Ted DiBiase.

WINNER: Pharaoh (After the match Jake the Snake Roberts came to stare down the Pharaoh.)

April 6 2015 - Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City OK Edit

A change in the commentary team took place this week with Jesse the Body Ventura taking Bobby Heenan’s place alongside Gorilla Monsoon.

- Prime Time kicked off Bobby the Brain Heenan coming to ringside to announce that he was the new face of the Syndicate, not Antonio Banks.

- Samoa Joe defeated the Rock via submission.

- In a money in the bank qualifying match, Antonio Banks and the returning Steam Diesel Black defeated Dominic Shadow and Jaster Hades after interference from the Undertaker.

- In a 20 diva battle royale, three women were declared winners after toppling over the top rope and landing on the floor around the same time: Sasha Banks, Nasty Girl & Mickey James. Due to the fact it was a number 1 contenders match, Bobby Heenan announced that they would all compete against Paige for the title at Wrestlemania IV in a fatal 4 way match. (Sunny & Renee Young provided commentary)

- In a tag team championship match a new tag team known as the Vaudevillains made their debut and defeated the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers via pinfall to become the new tag team champions.

- Michael Reaver won a money in the bank qualifying match after pinning Eddie Gilbert. Also in the match was newcomer Black Scorpion managed by Paul E Dangerously. Undertaker attacked Reaver after the match.

- Jake the Snake Roberts defeated intercontinental champion Christopher Knight via pinfall. Afterwards Samoa Joe came out and attacked Knight.

- The Bullet Club (Jose DeJesus & the Young Bucks) defeated the Mega Maniacs (Savage, Warrior, Hogan) after DeJesus pinned Hulk Hogan.

- MAIN EVENT – TRIPLE THREAT MATCH – The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase defeated Barry Windham and Roman Reigns after pinning Windham with a handful of tights.

- Bobby the Brain Heenan came out and announced the returned of the Nature Boy Ric Flair, the Syndicate's new hope for the WLF.

April 20 2015 - US Airways Center, Phoenix AZ Edit

- Prime Time kicked off with Barry Windham coming out and commenting about the return of Ric Flair.

- In a six man tag match, MVP, Ricky Stamboat and Steam Diesel Black defeated A J Styles, CM Punk and Michael Reaver when SDB pinned Reaver.

- Mean Gene Okerlund interviewed the returning Ric Flair. It ended with Flair and Barry Windham brawling in the parking lot.

- The Mega Bucks were forced to wrestle a handicap match against an unknown team to qualify for a match at Wrestlemania IV. Their opponents turned out to be 2nd and 3rd generation superstars: Randy Orton, Curtis Axel and Ted DiBiase’s very own son. The Mega Bucks won the match after Ted DiBiase put the Million Dollar Dream on his son and later put a 100 dollar bill in his mouth.

- The Bushwhackers and the Shield defeated the Young Bucks in a match that was supposed to include the Vaudevillains as the Young Bucks partners, but who refused to wrestle. The Pin was made by Butch on Matt Jackson, but the match was mired by interference by other members of the Bullet Club as well as Christopher Knight.

- We were taken stage for an update on the situation between Flair and Windham. Despite receiving medical treatment the brawl started up again.

- Nasty Girl & Sasha Banks defeated Paige & Mickie James after Nasty Girl pinned Paige. (Sunny & Renee Young provided commentary)

- A last chance 10 man battle bowl money in the bank qualifying match took place. The two remaining men would qualify for the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania IV. When it was down to three men: Edge, Black Scorpion and Cesaro, suddenly Christian Cage came out to help out Edge. Antonio Banks then came on the screen and announced that he was going to allow all 4 men into the money in the bank match, including Cage.

- A triple threat match involving the Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior ended in controversy after Ric Flair and Barry Windham brawled their way into the arena. It ended with Randy Savage pinning Ric Flair in the middle of the ring and the three count being made, making Savage the winner.

- MAIN EVENT – TAG TEAM MATCH – The Pharaoh and Roman Reigns defeated Jake the Snake Roberts and Jose DeJesus when Pharaoh pinned Jose.

WrestleMania IV - May 4 2015, at Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim CA (go to WLF Pay-Per-Views) Edit

May 26 2015 - Tri Cities Coliseum, Kennewick WAEdit

- Prime Time kicked off with WLF President Antonio Banks coming out and addressing the crowds, talking about Wrestlemania IV and the night’s show. He was interrupted by the returning Shawn Michaels announcing that he was there to be a part of the World War III battle royale.

- A match between the returning Stunning Steve Austin and Steam Diesel Black turned into a triple threat match when Bret the Hitman Hart made a shock return. The match was won by Austin after pinning Steam Diesel Black who was in Hart’s Figure 4 leg lock.

- Dangerous Danny B (Replacing Undertaker) and Poison Ivy defeated Ella Black Harte & Dominic Shadow via pinfall when Danny pinned Shadow. During the match other members of Skull’s Children came out to attack Danny but Danny was rescued by the Undertaker.

- Black Scorpion (with a handful of tights) pinned Cesaro to retain his money in the bank briefcase.

- The Young Bucks and the Mega Bucks defeated the Vaudevillains and the Bushwhackers via pinfall after Matt Jackson pinned Bushwhacker Luke.

- KHAN (Havok, Kharma, Bull Nakano) defeated Nasty Girl, Sasha Banks & Mickie James after Nasty Girl abandoned the match and Havok pinned Mickie James. Diva’s champion: Paige joined Sunny and Renee Young at the announcers table for the match but was attacked later by Alpha Female.

- Rowdy Roddy Piper defeated Barry Windham in a Texas Bullrope match.

- A six man tag team elimination match (Jose DeJesus, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose) resulted in a draw when Roman Reigns and Jose De Jesus (the last two men in the ring) pinned each other.

Order of elimination:

Samoa Joe pinned by Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose disqualified

Seth Rollins disqualified

A J Styles pinned by Roman Reigns

MAIN EVENT – WLF championship: Jake the Snake Roberts vs the Pharaoah (champion). The match ended up with no result after guest referee Ric Flair attacked both men.

June 8 2015 - Rexall Place, Edmonton, Alberta CANADA Edit

- Prime Time kicked off with Shawn Michaels defeating A J Styles via pinfall

- The J Mex Corporation (Chessman & Great Muta) were the mystery team to face the Undertaker and Dany Bravo. The J Mex Corp were victorious after the Great Muta pinned the Undertaker.

- Nasty Girl defeated Sasha Banks via pinfall after interference by Angelina Love. (Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary)

- A Civil defence warning came up warning of the coming of the Beast.

- Aiden English and Bushwhacker Butch defeated the Young Bucks after English pinned Nick Jackson after a Bushwhacker Battering Ram from both Bushwhackers.

- Samoa Joe defeated Chris Knight via disqualification after Trish Stratus interfered.  After the match Steam Diesel Black came to rescue Knight after Joe put him into a rear naked choke hold.

- The Mega Bucks won a Four Way dance against Edge/Christian, the Shield and the Rock N Sock Connection after Ted DiBiase pinned Roman Reigns.

- Antonio Banks conducted his first VIP lounge interview with Rowdy Roddy Piper as the guest.  Piper talked about his victory last week over Barry Windham and his plans to deal with the Four Horsemen.  Barry Windham and Ric Flair came out and attacked Piper, But Hulk Hogan came to rescue him.

- In a Lumberjill match for the Women’s championship, champion Paige defeated Alpha Female via submission.  A brawl between the lumberjills at the end saw newcomer Gail Kim come out to aid Mickie James.

Bret the Hitman Hart and Steam Diesel Black defeated Stunning Steve Austin and Black Scorpion after Bret pinned Scorpion with an assist from SDB. After the match Samoa Joe came out and assaulted SDB.

MAIN EVENT – NUMBER 1 CONTENDER TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Ric Flair defeated Jake the Snake Roberts and Jose De Jesus after he pinned Jose, thanks to outside interference by Bobby Heenan. Afterwards Roddy Piper came out and attacked Ric Flair. 

June 22 2015 - Arena Saint-Michel, Montreal, Quebec CANADA Edit

Prime Time kicked off with J-Mex Corporation defeated Edge/Christian and the Dudley Boyz are Chessman pinned Edge.

Bull Nakano and Poison Ivy wrestled to a draw in a steel cage match when both exited the ring at the same time.

In a WLF tag team championship match the Bushwhackers and the Vaudevillains wrestled to a draw when Simon Gotch and Luke Williams pinned each other. After the match new tag team Cryme Time came to ringside and stole the championship belts.

Sasha Banks, Victoria & Ashley defeated KHAN after Banks pinned Kharma. (Renee Young & Sunny provided commentary)

Bret the Hitman Hart defeated mystery opponent: the returning Matt Morgan via count out.

SDB, Chris Knight, Shawn Michaels & Danny Bravo defeated the Bullet Club after Danny Bravo pinned A J Styles.

On an episode of the VIP lounge, Antonio Banks interviewed Jake the Snake Roberts who made accusations against the mysterious Syndicate. Claiming that they were malevolent, enquiring as to their true identity and accusing MVP and the Four Horsemen as being the Syndicate’s pawns. The interview was interrupted by Jose DeJesus who came out and declared he and the Bullet Club would not wrestle another match until the Syndicate revealed who they were. Roberts then DDT’d Antonio Banks.

In a steel cage match for the WLF championship, WLF champion the Pharaoh defeated Roman Reigns.

MAIN EVENT –TAG MATCH. Ric Flair and Barry Windham defeated Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper after Flair pinned Hogan using the ropes for leverage.

World War III - July 10 2015, at Sky Dome, Toronto, Ontario CANADA (go to WLF Pay-Per-Views) Edit

July 27 2015 - Four Seasons Arena, Great Falls MT Edit

A match between Cryme Tyme and J Mex Corporation ended when the Shield came in and attack Chessman and  Great Muta.

In a diva’s championship match Paige and Poison Ivy both pinned each other, resulting in a draw. Sarah Backman and Jim Cornette came out to address the crowds, Cornette letting everyone know Backman was back in the WLF.

Matt Morgan defeated Jack the Snake Roberts in a steel cage match.

In a WLF tag team championship match the Mega Bucks defeated the Vaudevillains via pinfall to successful retain their title.

Sasha Banks won a 4 diva elimination style match to become the number one contender for the diva’s championship. Also in the match were Nasty Girl, Ashley Massaro and Havok. (Renee Young and Sunny provided commentary)

Intercontinental champion; Dangerous Danny Bravo defeated Christopher Knight in a ladder match.

Shawn Michaels won a triple threat match against CM Punk and Bret the Hitman Hart after pinning CM Punk.

The Dangerous Alliance (RVD, Steve Austin, Antonio Cesaro) defeated the Horsemen (Ric Flair, Barry Windham, Arn Anderson) and Roddy’s Rowdies (Roddy Piper, Mr T, Pharaoh) after Stunning Steve pinned Mr T. (Mr T’s new manager Hannibal was there at ringside)

August 10 2015 - IKON Center, Cheyenne WY Edit

Matt Morgan and Jake the Snake Roberts defeated Undertaker and Antonio Banks after Undertaker turned on Banks and Jake pinned Banks.

KHAN (Bull Nakano, Kharma & Alpha Female) beat Paige, Poison Ivy & Sarah Backman via disqualification after Charlotte, Ronda Rousey and Akira Hokuto invaded the ring. During the match Poison Ivy took exception to words directed at her by Jim Cornette, so whacked him with her barbwire baseball bat and abandoned the match.

Cesaro and Rob Van Dam (Dangerous Alliance) became the number 1 contenders for the WLF tag team title after they defeated Edge/Christian, the Bushwhackers and Cryme Time in a 4 way dance, after RVD pinned Christian. (Joey Styles and Tazz attempted to gate crash the commentary team, but were ejected from the arena by WLF security)

In a mixed tag match for the Intercontinental championship, champion Danny Bravo & Ashley Massaro lost via count out to Christopher Knight & Trish Stratus, but due to it being a count out the title did not change hands.

Bret the Hitman Hart won a best of three falls match against CM Punk, winning with one pinfall and then a disqualification after CM Punk went ballistic. (Shawn Michaels joined the commentary team)

Barry Windham, Arn Anderson, Great Muta and Chessman defeated Rowdy Roddy Piper and all three members of the Shield after Chessman pinned Piper with an illegal assist by Windham. After the match Mr T came out to show his support for Roddy Piper.

In a WLF championship match Ric Flair defeated Pharaoh via pinfall after Tully Blanchard slammed the cage door shut on Pharaoh’s head.