Trish Stratus in an American pro-wrestler currently assigned to the WLF's diva division.

Former member of the NWO

Girl friend of the Magic Man Christopher Knight.

Former diva's tag team champion.

WLF CareerEdit

Stratus first appeared in the WLF on 26 March 2012. She made her debut match in a three way dance teaming with Mickie James against the Collosal Kongs and Kelly Kelly and Natalya Belaya.

In mid June is was revealed that she had become part of the NWO

On 13 May 2014 she and Mickie James became WLF Diva's tag team champions after they defeated Moxie and Bella.

At World War III in June, Trish defeated Mickie James to be the sole holder of the diva's tag team championship. She then took on the returning Kharma as her tag team partner and new co-holder. Due to injuries in September, she was forced to relinquish the tag team title.

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