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Josh Arcanum is a pro-wrestler once contracted to the WLF

He is a former WLF champion.

WLF CareerEdit

Arcanum made appearances on WLF Superstars and Prime Time in June 2013. .

He had his debut Prime Time match on 10 June 2013 defeating the Ultimate Warrior.

Survivor Series 2013, Josh became WLF champion when he defeated champion; Jake Roberts and Bruiser Brody in a Hell in the Cell match. At the Royal Rumble in Feb 2014, he lost the title in a Hell in the Cell rematch to Bruiser Brody. For most of the match he was not able to enter the ring due to Jake the Snake locking him out by chaining the door shut.

Josh retired from wrestling at the end of 2014

Notable FeudsEdit

Jake the Snake Roberts

Bruiser Brody

Christopher Knight

Razor Ramon

RPd byEdit

Josh Arcanum (RPer)