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The Hart Foundation is a tag team previously contracted to the WLF. Made up of Bret the Hitman Hart and  Jim the Anvil Neidhart

They were at one point managed by Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart.

They are the winners of the 2014 NJPW-WLF Grand Prix Tournament.

They are former 2x WLF Tag Team champions.

They have had the longest single tag team title reign in WLF history. (6 months)

WLF Tag Team ChampionshipEdit

1st reign: Aug 2013 - 10 Feb 2014 (6 months - a WLF record)

2nd reign: 28 April 2014 - 3 June 2014

WLF CareerEdit

The Hart Foundation up until June 2013 had only ever wrestled together occasionally in the WLF, normally one off matches. They finally obtained a full time contract as a tag team and on 24 June 2013 at World War III they were both surprise entries into the main event.

They made their offical debut on 8 July 2013, when they, along with the Twin Towers defeated Demolition and the Road Warriors.

They continued to be a force to be reckoned with, not losing any matches and at Summer Slam in Aug 2013 won a 4 team match to defeated Demolition and capture the WLF tag team title. Also in the match were Luger/Sting and the Twin Towers.

Leading up to the Royal Rumble, Owen Hart and British Bulldog expressed their wish for a title shot against Jim and Bret, talking about a deal they had made the previous year where an agreement was made that which ever team won the title first, would grant the other a title shot further down the track. Bret and Jim refused to give them a title shot.

On 10 Feb 2014, they lost their title to Demolition due to mistimed interference from Owen Hart, thus ending a record 6 month title reign. This also caused a split between the Hart Foundation with Bret and Jim blaming Owen Hart for their loss, claiming that Owen and Bulldog were simply jealous of their success.

The Harts feuded with Owen and Bulldog over the next two months until Owen and Bulldog, on 15 April 2014, revealed video evidence of Jimmy Hart's devious deeds. Bret and Jim promptly fired Jimmy and realigned themselves with Owen and Bulldog.

On 28 April 2014 at Wrestlemania III, they once again became the WLF tag team champions when they defeated champions; Legacy and the Pillars of Power in a 3-way dance. This was also the final of the NJPW-WLF Grand Prix Tournament.

They lost the title on 3 June 2014 to the Pillars of Power.

On 16 June 2014 they officially quit the WLF in disgust, unsatisfied that Gordon Gekko had not punished the Nasty Boys for assaulting Owen Hart and the British Bulldog, costing them their shot at the WLF tag team title.

Notable FeudsEdit


Owen Hart/British Bulldog


Pillars of Power